Prof. Sir Christopher Evans, OBE, DSc, PhD

//Prof. Sir Christopher Evans, OBE, DSc, PhD

Professor Sir Christopher Evans is Britain’s and Europe’s leading medical sciences entrepreneur. He has built over $6 billion worth of new medical companies from nothing over the last 20 years. These businesses have employed over 4,000 highly skilled individuals, mostly biotech, medical and pharmaceutical scientists and have developed over 200 new clinical medicines and innovative medical products. He has floated 20 of these companies on six stock exchanges in five different countries. He has returned billions of dollars in cash to his backers. Sir Evans has raised over $3 billion of capital from sophisticated investors and governments in 30 different countries around the world and has raised over $1.8 billion cash specifically for cancer research projects.

Sir Evans’ companies have built over 400 high–tech laboratories, offices, pilot plants, containment facilities and manufacturing buildings including full U.S. Food and Drug Administration, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) approved pharmaceutical and biologics production plants. He has sold some of his more successful research companies he built from nothing for over $3.5 billion cash in the last decade. Several of the companies he has created became the world leaders in their field of specialization such as stem cell therapy, gene medicine, cancer vaccines, chiral drugs and rapid bacterial diagnostics. 

Professor Evans has an enormous close network of high quality medical experts and practitioners as well as exceptional commercial businessmen and investors built up over 30 years of sustained success in this field. He has advised and interacted with five British governments and many foreign governments over 25 years. He is an intelligent, popular and pragmatic scientist and an accomplished businessman of immense experience.