Mission and Goals

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Our mission is to convene leading decision makers in medicine, business, media, advocacy and faith to encourage multidisciplinary collaboration, increase investment in research and innovation, and help grow healthy communities through prevention, education and better access to health care.

Conference Goals

  • Continue the global Unite to Cure campaign to improve human health and create a forum for collaboration to advance cures.
  • Unite people without prejudice to stimulate an open dialogue and catalyze an interdisciplinary approach to tackle major health care challenges around the globe.
  • Increase awareness, educate the public on scientific advancements and inspire the next generation.
  • Discuss the effect of emerging technologies and their anthropological, ethical, cultural, religious and societal implications.
  • Lead the conversation about personalized medicine, regenerative technologies, CRISPR and other innovations and discuss their impacts on the environment, human health, culture and society.
  • Translate complex science into accessible language to catalyze the conversation.
  • Reduce the leading causes of cancer in our children, such as smoking, obesity and HPV.
  • Increase the number of registrants in the Be The Match bone marrow transplantation program.
  • Inspire people to help one another and share their stories of hope.