Desirée Cox, MD, PhD

//Desirée Cox, MD, PhD

Dr. Desirée Cox is a Rhodes Scholar, medical doctor, creative artist, and thought leader in innovation in health care. Educated at McGill University (Canada), Oxford University (U.K.) and Cambridge University (U.K.), Dr. Cox is a highly respected consultant internationally and currently consults to the Ministry of Health of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. Since 2014, she has been spearheading health innovation in the pan–Caribbean region and the development of the stem cell and regenerative industry in The Bahamas in particular. Her company, Desirée T. Cox & Associates, is the matrix for creating and advancing paradigm–shifting health innovations and next–generation health technologies such as stem cell and regenerative medicine to life by applying outside–the–box approaches, crowd collaboration and exponential technologies. Dr. Cox has 20+ years in the health care space with an impressive career and a rare and unique range of skills and capacities gained from a career that has spanned clinical medicine, academia, research and development, regulatory sciences, and the design, development and implementation of high–impact health and social enterprises. She has worked in the U.K., U.S., Canada, The Bahamas and the Caribbean region. Her experience in health care consulting includes consulting for biotech companies and major pharmaceutical companies including Amgen, GSK and Novartis on pipeline therapeutic products and medical devices. She is the founder of The HEALinc Health Innovation Incubator. She is also a Singularity University Social Impact Fellow and ambassador/license–holder of the recently launched SingularityU Nassau Chapter fostering the use of accelerating/exponential technologies (such as cellular and regenerative medicine) for impact, innovation and change in The Bahamas and regionally in the Americas.