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  • Preventing Global Killers: Is It Possible to Stop Diseases Before They Occur?
  • Children Are Our Future
  • It Is All About Inflammation
  • Nutrition, Disease and the Environment

Influence and Impact

  • The Culture of Life and Religious Influence on Health
  • Fake News and the Ethical Responsibilities of Media
  • Patient Centricity

The Pharmacy of the Future – Cells Not Pills

  • Clinical Updates Using Stem Cells
  • Sports Medicine and Stem Cell Therapy
  • Returning Balance in Autoimmune Diseases
  • The Immune System: Friend or Foe?  Partnerships to Accelerate Discovery
  • Preparing for a Future of Cell Therapy

Rare Diseases and the Power of Gene Editing

  • The Power of Rare: Progress in Treating Rare Diseases Using Gene Therapy
  • Gene Editing and CRISPR: Altering the Blueprint of Life
  • The Anthropological Implications of Cell and Gene Therapy Research

Information and Artificial Intelligence

  • Population Health Intelligence
  • Gadgets, Data and Telemedicine
  • The Next Decade for Leading Health Care Systems

Prepare for the Future

  • The Population Health Crisis: Chronic Diseases
  • Teaching the Next Generation of Medical Providers
  • The Impact of Philanthropy on Health Care
  • Prize-Based Innovation
  • Investing in Global Health

A Look at the Year 2080